Her brand is characterized by high quality, uniqueness, femininity and ecological thinking. It is for women who love originality, but in the same time consider environmental- and social awareness equally important.


The collections do not vary according to seasons like the traditional, well-known brands, and they don’t follow the colour-trends.
They are always based on an idea, thought or concept, and are mixed with other artistic elements. As these models are independent of trends, they can be worn any time. Edina’s goal is to create a brand that is young, girly and wild, and also full of feelings. Simple, new and wearable. Each pattern is different, therefore there are no identical pieces in her collection. 
 She only does very small-serial collections, so her customers can be sure that they will not bump into the same piece on each and every corner.


“The concept was always to create collections for women, who dare to be unique and express their own style. I do not want to be super luxury, as I want my collection to be affordable for everyday women. I want to show that everyone can be stylish if they dare to express, who they really are.” – says the designer.

Her main inspiration is life, people, emotions, random moods and thoughts, and also visuals, such as colours and shapes. She loves observing people around her, how they live their daily life, how they feel and react.

Her latest recycled collection calls attention to the fragile connection between men and nature. It provides an alternative to fast fashion brands, and achieves originality, high quality and ethical awareness together. Her goal is to make our initiative into a movement, and to give importance to eco-friendly technologies in the textile industry.


The brand Lazlo is producing small collections of clothes from sartorial waste since 2011. Eco-consciousness is one of the biggest targets of the brand. Usually, we work with 100% natural materials (cotton, wool, floss). We changed working with a bolting-reel to monotype, because of the huge water waste, so we can create unique and individual patterns and shapes. This is how the small collections of the brand Lazlo are made, with the best quality, wearable for a lifetime.