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Eye Blue


100% organic cotton, silk print




100%Organic Cotton, recycling material, silk print





The cool touch of silk in summer is the most pleasant feeling we can dream about. But when you need, also can give you warmth and embraces you in a protective way. This noble material is one of our great favorites, this is why we use if at several models. With this asymmetrical design and blue dyeing applications, you can get a unique and special dress! 100% recycling silk

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The blue dyeing technique works with the most environmentally friendly and durable paint, which is resistant to acids and alkalis, so it retains its bright blue color even after repeated washing. The traditions of blue painting have played a significant role in the Hungarian folk costume, its continuation not only plays an aesthetic role, but also saving of traditional values. This decoration is reflected in several pieces of the Blue Waves collection, the sewing of which requires very meticulous and precise work 100% recycling silk



Blue Waves01/1

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100% Reciclyng Silk This can be a breath thin silk dress or a confortable summer dress caresses a person's skin. Due to the relativly small available material the market will not be flooded with the same item.





Spring/Autumn coat, one size model, can be worn in any season from spring to autumn. 100% viscose Zero pollution recycling of the sartorial wastemof the textile industry

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100%Cotton recycling plexiform button


Blue Waves21/9


97% recycling cotton 3% elastan silk print

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50%silk 50% cotton




30% cotton recycling material 70% silk


Le grand bleu/2


100% cotton




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Her latest recycled collection calls attention to the fragile connection between men and nature. It provides an alternative to fast fashion brands, and achieves originality, high quality and ethical awareness together. Her goal is to make our initiative into a movement, and to give importance to eco-friendly technologies in the textile industry.

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